Christ Our Righteousness
(E. J. Waggoner)

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The very first edition of this book was published in 1890 by Pacific Press, under the title, The Righteousness of Christ. It set forth, in a concise manner, E. J. Waggoner’s precise teaching and phrasing upon the subject of Righteousness by Faith at the pivotal 1888 General Conference Session in Minneapolis. The shorthand reports of Jessie F. Moser taken at that Conference, in 1888, have been referenced to confirm Waggoner’s 1890 book coincided with his groundbreaking presentations there in Minneapolis just less than a couple of years prior to the initial publication. Within a short time, following that first 1890 edition, the book appeared with at least two other, yet synonymous titles: Christ Our Righteousness (in England, by 1892); and Christ and His Righteousness (in Australia, by 1893).

This replica, in the year 2021, has been diligently formatted to match an available facsimile copy of an original 1892 edition published by Waggoner in England, who by that time, had been dispatched to head the London branch of the Seventh-day Adventist publishing work.